About Canoe

The 2009 team proudly lifts Bear Area

Who We Are

Cal Concrete Canoe is a team composed of mainly civil engineering undergraduate students, though we do have several members from other majors. From freshmen to seniors, students at all levels in their education actively contribute to the project each year and have a great time doing it!

The Cal Concrete Canoe team has one of the best records in the nation, traveling to the national competition 19 times in the past 25 years since the competition started (the most of any competing university). We also hold 5 national titles, our most recent earned in 2009! We are looking for enthusiastic new members to join Cal Canoe and carry our rich legacy forward in the coming years!

The 2012 GraffiCal 2.0

What We Do

Every year, we design, construct, and paddle our concrete canoe against other universities in Northern California and Nevada. If successful at the regional competition, we take our canoe to nationals and compete against the best schools in the United States and Canada. Getting to nationals is not easy; it takes a lot of teamwork. In order to qualify you must beat out all the other schools in your region. Teams are judged on 4 categories: final product (the canoe and display), technical paper, oral presentation, and paddling.

Starting fall semester, we begin the design of our concrete canoe. This entails materials research, hull design, and structural analysis - the technical part of the project. Basically our concrete team researches and tests new materials to produce the strongest and lightest concrete possible. Our hull design team analyzes different design features to find the best characteristics for the competition. Our structural analysis group is responsible for modeling the canoe and simulating the stresses it experiences during competition to ensure that it survives.

Our graphics team works tirelessly to make our canoe a work of art. Graphics' primary responsibilities include the murals that are placed on the canoe, the design of the display, stands, and technical paper template.

During spring semester, the project shifts from design to construction. Usually the first weekend after classes resume, we cast the canoe by placing layers of concrete and reinforcement to create the structural shell. Over the next weeks, up until competition, we finish the canoe by sanding it smooth and applying the graphics.

The paddling team practices throughout the year to prepare for 5 races. They are male and female endurance, male and female sprint, and co-ed sprint.